Death Chamberz Music Interview The 1st

Death   Chamberz Music Interview The 1st 

How did you get your group name? Individual names

[Supreme] The name for the group came quite easy, JClay and I have always been the leaders amongst any group of people we associate or do business with.  With being leader we always tend to be the first to get things done.  First to have our tracks completed, first come with ideas for any business venture or creative thought for promo.  So with that characteristic shared between the both of us it was natural for us to call ourselves 1st.  As for my name it was just a little bit different but to make a long story short when I first got into the game I rapped with a group called 820 records and went by the name of Tadow.  The label head said that he had a rapper that he like out of Houston a great deal that went by the same name and I needed to change mine, so I went to work trying to figure it out, and one day while freestyling in the car I had a line where I said “only the sun is hotta, I’m Supreme like dada” and at that moment a good friend of mine stopped me and said bro that’s you.  Since then it’s been a wrap

[JClay] One thing that stood out about me and Supreme, were me and Supreme.  No matter which circle we are put into, we will excel.  It could a job setting, school setting, cypher of emcees, song on a mix CD, a picture on a website, it doesn’t matter.  We will always be set apart and regarded highly.  The name 1st embodies these characteristics.    Also it’s a self-motivating title.  Since we are named 1st, we will always go that extra mile. JClay is actually my name.  My real name is Jelani Clay.  You just put the two together as one word, but capitalize the second letter, and you have JClay.  

What inspired you to become an artist?

[Supreme] I have always loved music I was in choir from middle school throughout high school.  I originally thought I would be a singer even though I’m not much of a singer but you know kids and their pipe dreams. When I first got to college one day I found myself listening to the slim shady lp and when I finished with that cd I knew rapping is what I wanted to do.  I was so amazed at how he rhymed so much but still made complete thoughts.

[JClay] I simply love music.  I always wanted to be a top producer in the game.  When I was growing up, I didn’t hear lyrics when I heard a song.  I heard all of the elements involved in the instrumental track.  Once I started making beats for other rappers, I started to listen to what’s good lyricism and what isn’t.  Simultaneously as I was waiting to find new artists looking for beats, I would make silly, funny songs to my creations.  People actually liked them.  In college after I met Supreme, he was one who encouraged me to take the rapping part of it seriously and give it a shot. 

How did the group form? 

[Supreme] JClay and I met in College at Prairie View A&M University.  It initially started off as a small rap beef between me and the crew I rapped with and JClay and the group he rapped with.  One day we met up and was like man its all good its just music and from that point we decided to work together.  After doing like 3 songs together one day sitting at JClay's house we said we might as well be a group and it was done.  Of course it was originally 3 of us in the group but the third whose name shall remain nameless decided to pursue other ventures.

[JClay] In short, it was a mutual respect for each other’s drive and love for music  We both recognized we wanted to accomplish the same things and knew that we would do whatever it took to get there, morally speaking of course.

When and how did you start? And have you created any records yet? or mixtape?

[Supreme] I would like to say we started in the early 2000s maybe like 2001 and it was simply off the love of music that made us move forward with making it. We have created quite a bit of music and released it but now we only credit things that have been release since we started The Slip Records in February 2013. Since then we have released 3 volumes of our signature mixtape Slip Sh!t and also released 52 individual tracks that have not been tied to a cd.  Those track are released every Wednesday in our vault on our website

[JClay] We started together in 2003 after collaborating on a couple of songs.  Since then we’ve released quite a few mixtapes and singles.  The only things that are relevant are as Supreme stated.  Those are the ones released as of February 2013 under The Slip Records.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?

[Supreme] My favorite thing to do when I’m not engulfed in my craft would be playing with my son. I guess you can say I’m a new parent because my son is 2 years old.  He teaches me something new everyday.

[JClay] That’s hard since it is my favorite thing to do.  I guess it would be just relaxing and doing nothing because I don’t that often enough. I also dabble into the martial arts a little.

Who are your musical inspirations?

[Supreme] Today I don’t really have any music inspirations anymore.  At some point lyrically I started to see that I was as good if not better than most people in the game and at that point there music stopped moving me.  If I had to pick a few I would have to say people like Jay Z, Eminem, Luda, Twister, Bun B and maybe a couple more. Only reason I say the people I named is because they played a big part in me loving music in the first place.

[JClay] Any and everybody from mainstream to underground.  I take pride in my lyricism, but people would be surprised that I also like artists who just don’t be talkin’ bout nothin’.  Good music is good music.  It just depends on my mood.  But back in the day, my inspiration was Timbaland.  Them beast were ridiculous.  

What kind of music do you listen to today?

[Supreme] I really don’t listen to much music today. Usually when I’m driving in my truck it’s just silent and I’m thinking.  If I pop anything in I’m popping in our latest Slip Sh!t cd and that mostly for self analysis.

[JClay] I love R&B.  I wish it was more popular than hip-hop right now.  But the majority of time, I ride around listening to beats that I’m writing to or songs from the other artists on The Slip Records.  

What surprises would we find in your music collection?

[Supreme] Well if you go through my cd’s you would probably be surprised to find a bunch of music from India, why because I do dabble in making beats and they have the best sample sounds when you want to make something different.

[JClay] It’s gotta be the Jackson 5 Greatest Hits CD.  I be sangin on that thing with Mike.  Actually the most surprising would be this 80’s rock mix I downloaded after watching a bunch of seasons of Supernatural.

Today’s music is about collaborations what "hot" rapper out now, you would love to work with on a project?

[Supreme] I don’t know that any of the people I would name would be considered to be hot right now.  If would be one of the people I listed early when you asked who inspired me. They are legends to me

[JClay] I would probably do a track with Drake and 2 Chainz.  Since I’m constantly thinking of analogies and creative ways to say words, it’s hard for rapper to surprise me.  Drake and 2 Chainz surprise me from time to time.

What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?

[Supreme] It will always depend on what you are listening to. If it’s a Slip Sh!t cd you will get the crunk, excited, talking trash me.  If it’s a 1st cd you will get a little history of us in music our struggles our grind how much we love music relationship stuff, how to better yourself, eff the haters. If it’s a solo from me you will get my dad was tripping momma had to do it all alone, hater hated me before music and lets just chill.

[JClay] I think our listeners would get entertained.  They will hear relatable, real-world situations that they could jam to on many occasions.  Every now and then, they will learn something about themselves through our music.

What do you hope to do with your music?

[Supreme] Provide for me my family and friends a life of status so we can add to the life of love that we already have.

[JClay] I hope to change the world’s viewpoints on what’s possible and what’s not, and just push people to better versions of themselves.  

Where do you see the generation heading?

[Supreme] I’m not sure if you mean this generation of people in music or just this generation of kid period.  Either way I guess I see a much smarter group of people more informed but making more stupid mistakes because of how freely information is gathered.  I know it’s important for you to know as much as you can but I also think everything is not for everyone.

[JClay] I think this generation will be like any other.  Everything is as it is, it just depends on your perspective of it at the time.  The only difference is each generation is a little softer than the last. 

Is there any advice you'd like to give to young aspiring artists?

[Supreme] As cliché as this may sound if you truly want to do this don’t give up because anyone can do it they just have to truly believe and be determined. When you get those knots on your head from making the dumbest mistake you think you can make just put some ice on it and keep it moving.

[JClay] Yes, don’t stop. You reap what you sow.  So if you’ve sowed a lot of seeds but have yet to see a return, just know it’s coming because you reap what you sow.  Everyone is living off of the work that them or someone else put in 5+ years ago.  It’s going to continue to be that way.  So just keep that in mind and work hard.

As a group what is a song writing process for you

[Supreme] Turn on the beat and just write write write.  Send what I came up with to JClay say do you like it and if he says yes we do it, If he says no give it to someone else on the label.  See with us doing music so long it’s hard to make a song that’s not good.  Problem is we strive to make songs that are great.

[JClay] Supreme said it.  Sometimes when we have a melody or part of an idea, we give that to the other and almost instantly, the other knocks it out the park.

What are your thoughts on solo projects?

[Supreme] Any one who aspires to be an artist I think you should do one.  It’s just another way to perfect your craft. 

[JClay] We will do solo projects in the future.  It’s pretty amazing how our sound apart is so much different then our sound together, but it’s still as good.

What projects should we be on the lookout for in the near future?

[Supreme] 1st album coming sometime this year it’s not titled yet and also Slip Sh!t Vol4

[JClay] Yep.

Any shout outs?

[Supreme] Shout out to everyone nothing but love from me. 

[JClay] Shout out to the homie Swateezy.  He be working hard.  He’s one of the coldest white boy rappers I know.  Actually he’s one of the coldest rappers I know.  Check em out at The Slip.  

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