@contragameboyz Gameboyz

Had to post this based on nothing but the name Contra.  The image and everything yall going with is really nostalgic

The sound is very commercial vibing and not typical of Montreal. Closer to attempting to be Miami. As a single its ok. Its not the hottest beat but has some commerical viability Definatly can hear the Latin influence in the music.
Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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Ludo Lopez and NiƱo Malo are 2 latin MC's hailing out of Montreal, Canada. After collaborating on many songs for otherprojects, they've developped a remarkable chemistry that convinced them to unite and form a group to expand their ever-growing creativity. They've showed and proved many times their unique savoir-faire, these boys got GAME. Contra Codename: Gameboyz.

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