@BishopNehru "Mobb Dizzle" @RazFresco @McFligity @ttocsyeoj

Check out the new tune from Bishop Nehru. A nice simple produced track good boom bap. Smooth delivery on the track Only issue is vocals mixed kind of quiet 
Great track 
Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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"Mobb Dizzle" from Bishop's strictlyFLOWz project. Download it here: http://nehruvia.tumblr.com/MusicProjects

Directed by: Markel Scott / @BishopNehru
Edited by: Joey Scott / @ttocsyeoj 
Creative Concept: Markel Scott / @BishopNehru
Shot by: Brian "Stickforbrains" Dorme / @McFligity 
Song Produced by: Raz Fresco / @RazFresco

© 2013 : Nehruvia Entertainment 
Nehruvian Films Productions.

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