@281NeKo Apollo 18: The Mission Inspired By The City @Trakksounds @AlbieDickson @RichAndruws @RelleB @ShunWard @IsaacReidMusic

Apollo 18, NeKo's debut EP, is inspired completely by the city of Houston. It displays "H-Town", but through a less glamorized perspective, unveiling depth in the process. Ingeniously, NeKo eludes the cliche style of Houston rap, while still keeping the culture alive. The project is produced entirely by @Trakksounds & @AlbieDickson with features from Rich Andruws, Relle B, Isaac Reid, & Shun Ward. Follow NeKo on Twitter/IG: @281NeKo Business/Booking Email: 281NeKo@gmail.com Website: OperationNeKo.com Watch Official "Purplex'd" Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0a4FO3H4mE

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