"Fool's Gold" by rapper Jonathan Sosa

He doesn’t make Spanish rap. He’s a rapper that happens to be a lucid amalgamation of Puerto Rican and Dominican! Twenty five year old Jonathan Sosa, known to the underground world and soon mainstream, is ready to make his abiding position known in the music industry. Fueled by the continuous growth encompassing him from fellow Alkatraxx members, Sosa is the newest member of the elite squad swarming through out the Garden State, demanding attention. With thirteen years of practice to perfection as well as trial and error under his belt, he has put together a prodigiously anticipated mixtape entitled “Fool's Gold” which incorporates collaborations with several of Jersey most advantageous artists. Influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, Big Pun and Nas, Sosa is also creative when it comes to writing music for others, from R&B to Rap. Having penned for several crucial industry names, the Brooklyn, NY born Linden, NJ raised MC is
able to write from the perspective of both male and female which adds to his capability to generate currency in the music business. Make no mistake, Jonathan Sosa is here!

I would greatly appreciate if you took the time out to listen to my mixtape and give me some genuine feedback. Thank You, hope you enjoy

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